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Yesterday, the New York Times released a fascinating group interview between Kobe Bryant and Arianna Huffington. Kobe and Arianna spent the lunch conversation trading stories and philosophies about how they became straight-up bosses. It's a good read for those ambitious go-getters out there. They provided inspiring quotes and shared the kind of deep/fake-deep short bites that you'd get from a mentor or overbearing high school guidance counselor. 

The highlight of the conversation, however, had to be one of Kobe's final quotes. Continuing a point about how insanely detailed-oriented he his about everything in his life (because all roads lead back to basketball), Kobe revealed where he found inspiration to correct a flaw in his jumper:

"Exactly. I’ll give you an example. When you watch me shoot my fadeaway jumper, you’ll notice my leg is always extended. I had problems making that shot in the past. It’s tough. So one day I’m watching the Discovery Channel and see a cheetah hunting. When the cheetah runs, its tail always gives it balance, even if it’s cutting a sharp angle. And that’s when I was like: My leg could be the tail, right?"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Kobe Bean Bryant. 


[via SB Nation]