Kevin Durant is one of the two best players in the NBA right now. So there's a good chance that he's rubbed elbows with quite a few former NBA stars in recent years. Earlier this week, he was actually spotted kicking it with Allen Iverson. But during a recent interview with Esquire, KD revealed that he's become very close with one former NBA superstar who you probably wouldn't imagine him paling around with. That player is none other than Karl Malone.

KD didn't explain how he first became friends with The Mailman or how close they actually are. But he did reveal that Malone gives him a call whenever he sees that KD is having a rough time on the basketball court.

"I've gotten close with Karl Malone, who's called me numerous times when he can see on TV that I'm struggling, feeling bad after a loss," KD told Esquire. "He can tell."

Malone never really struck us as a super friendly guy or someone who would take a liking to being a mentor to a player like KD. But hey, whatever works, right? We would be interested in learning more about how and why their friendship started, though.

[via Esquire]