Over the course of the last few years, J.R. Smith has pretty much become obsessed with golf. In fact, this past spring, he spent 21 straight days on the golf course and devoted a ton of time to getting better at the sport. So recently, Bleacher Report reporter Jared Zwerling followed Smith around during his eighth annual Youth Foundation Classic at the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Lakewood Township, N.J. to talk to him about his love for the game of golf.

The Knicks guard shared all kinds of interesting tidbits about his passion for golf—like that Moses Malone was the one who first forced him to play the game—but the most interesting thing that Zwerling found out during his Q&A was that, recently, Smith talked some trash to Michael Jordan with regards to his golf game. Smith said that he usually gets pretty starstruck around MJ but that, the last time he saw him, he challenged him to a round of golf.

"I've talked to [MJ] a few times," he said. "I'm always so starstruck that I forget to ask him questions. The last thing we talked about was golf. I tell him, 'I'll whup your ass.' He doesn't want to play me, though. He plays a lot, like, with [golf pro] Keegan Bradley."

Since Tiger Woods has been struggling for the last few years, our interest in golf has gone wayyyyyyy down. So here's a free idea for CBS or one of the other big sports networks out there: Set up a match between J.R. Smith and Michael Jordan immediately and televise it. It'll cost you a lot of money to get MJ on board, but we promise it'll be the most-watched golf event of the year decade.

[via Bleacher Report]