The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, as it is prone to do, put together some scathing commentary on the latest issue dominating mainstream media right now: the NFL. Speaking on Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, and more, Stewart held nothing back in taking down Roger Goodell's league. Stewart was also particularly impressed with the league's inability to react quickly and satisfactorily to the domestic violence issues pervading their league. Referencing Anheuser-Busch's recent criticism towards the league, Stewart said:

How crazy is this? A company that sells alcohol is the moral touchstone of the NFL. Alcohol! Maybe one of the only substances that is proven scientifically to increase the likelihood of domestic abuse. That company is saying to the NFL, "Hey, you guys got a real problem here." It's like Captain Morgan showing up at a frat party and saying, 'Arr! Mateys! I'm trying to sleep!'

Perfect, as usual. Watch the clip above and see Stewart in action for yourself.

[via Deadspin]