It must be nice having a Heisman Trophy on your nightstand to safeguard your Rolex after a night of Manzieling. On Instagram today, Johnny Football posted the above photo, which has been met with: 1) Goofy-eyed admiration (OMG MANZIEL PUT A ROLEX ON A HEISMAN HDJGHKDHGDF, 2) Appreciation and/or jealousy for the stunting, and 3) Relief, because this is like the first NFL "story" that hasn't been about a shitty thing done by a shitty NFLer. 

Twitter reciprocated these thoughts: 

Also, this is all a not-so-subtle reminder that Johnny Manziel, at one point in time, was a highly celebrated football player. He has a Heisman. WHAT DOES BRIAN HOYER HAVE? (Answer: Johnny's job.) Let's see Manziel he gets a chance to show off those Heisman skills this season.

[via @jmanziel2]