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Nets are gonna go at it again in a little over a month after seeing its championship aspirations crumble thanks to a playoff boot from the Heat followed by Paul Pierce and Jason Kidd's exit. But before we move ahead, Joe Johnson provided some interesting trivia during media day.

Did you know that the Nets did "not really" practice under Kidd? If you didn't, that's OK. A lot of people still assume teams sort of did stuff like that in a post-Allen Iverson world.

If you'd like, you can blame the lack of practice for the Nets' terrible cohesion in the first part of the season. They were bad. Like, Jason Kidd really might not make it to the All-Star break bad. But the Nets turned it around to become a second-round-at-best team by the beginning of 2014.

So will practice make the Nets the team to beat this year? Probably not: There's a situation going on in Cleveland. But we'll see if new head coach Lionel Hollins' emphasis on practice has a positive effect.

[via Fansided]