There are a lot of NBA owners who aren't thrilled to see their players taking part in the 2014 FIBA World Cup right now. Reason being, those owners don't want to see their players turn ankles, break bones or, worse yet, fall off Segways while joyriding around Barcelona during international play.

Er, okay, so most NBA owners aren't worried about their players riding Segways. After all, Segways are, like, the safest form of transportation ever. But we imagine that Rockets owner Leslie Alexander wasn't too happy to see this clip of his superstar James Harden riding a Segway around Spain over the weekend. In the video, Harden rides over a bridge in Barcelona, picks up some speed, and then…WHOA. The Segway spins out on him and he comes thisclose to going down.

Fortunately, it looks like he was OK after falling off the Segway. But might we suggest Harden stick to riding a bike or, better yet, walking during the remainder of the World Cup? It'd probably be for the best.

[via YouTube]