Yesterday, it was reported that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston would be cooperating with a Title IX investigation re-examining the sexual assault allegations levied against him in 2012. The investigation was opened on the grounds that Florida State's initial investigation was incomplete and mishandled. In April, the New York Times released a comprehensive report detailing their entire investigation, calling it "flawed." 

Today, David Cornwell—a lawyer who has handled cases for high-profile athletes like Ben Roethlisberger and Ryan Braun—responded to the Title IX investigation in a letter that was acquired by TMZ. According to TMZ, the letter states that Winston will be fully cooperative with the investigation. However, it also notes that, prior to accusing Winston of sexual assault, the accuser's lawyer tried to extort Winston for a $7M settlement and said that she and her client wouldn't bring the allegations to light if Winston's team gave them the money. Again, this is what Cornwell and his team are claiming. 

The allegations get worse from there. Says TMZ:

Cornwell also says [the accuser's lawyer] claimed her client's sexual encounter had to be rape, because she would never sleep with a "black boy." Fact is ... the alleged victim's boyfriend at the time was black. The criminal case fell apart, partly because the alleged victim had semen from 2 different men on her shorts.

So, if we're to take Winston's legal team by their word, the accuser is an extortionist and a racist. We'll wait for the Title IX investigation to play out before we pass judgment. Stay tuned for more developments. There will undoubtedly be many.

[via TMZ Sports