Yesterday afternoon, reports began to circulate on the Internet about how Eagles running back LeSean McCoy had allegedly tipped just 20 cents on a $60 bill at a burger joint in Philadelphia recently. PYT—the establishment where McCoy made the alleged transgression—took to their Facebook page with a picture of McCoy’s check and his .03 percent gratuity. Several media outlets ran with the story, and, well, you pretty much know what happened next. Shady didn’t have much of a reply to the alleged slight, only that the service at PYT was pretty crappy.

The story got us thinking that if a star like  McCoy has indeed tipped this poorly, then there must be plenty of other athletes who decided to take the 18 percent rule and throw it out the window, too. And as it turns out, there are quite a few big names who have been alleged to be quite the scrooge when it comes to taking care of those in the hospitality industry. From Scottie "No Tippin" Pippen trying to haggle with strippers to Pete Sampras giving a valet a dollar, here's A History of Athletes Being Accused of Leaving Crappy Tips.