Shaun White is a man of many tastes. Though the two-time Olympic gold medalist has made his name riding boards of all sorts, his interests definitely extend well beyond that. While still a teenager, he launched his first clothing line, which he took an active role in designing, rather than just slapping his name on the label. White has since had a hand in creative endeavors ranging from custom jeans to interior design. His process seems to be relatively simple: an idea pops into his head, and then he immediately finds the person(s) that can help him create it. No ruminating, no hesitation—just take that inspiration and make it happen.

White’s most recent creative foray has been designing specs for Oakley. His new pair is dubbed “Enduro,” the successor to “The Holbrook,” his last successful design of shades. Stemming purely from his personal style, White believes his models represent a departure for the seminal sunglasses brand—a platform to showcase his lifestyle within the design itself. For him, the sunglasses definitely say a lot about the man wearing them. And one thing is for sure: White’s work ethic and design prowess certainly say a lot about him.

For more on the many ventures of Shaun White, check out the video above.