Former AC Milan and Italy international Gennaro Gattuso made his reputation as a bullish, take-no-nonsense defensive midfielder, who was never one to shy away from controversy or a fight. He once slapped Zlatan Ibrahimovic across the face during a Champions League match in 2003. Affectionately known as the Rhino and the Snarling Dog, among other nicknames, Gattuso signed on this summer to manage Greek side OFI Crete. And judging from this press conference with the Greek press this past weekend, it looks like Gattuso is finding it a bit tougher to patrol the sideline than it was the pitch.

This presser actually came in the wake of the club’s first victory of the season, but having lost their previous two matches before the win, it becomes clear why Gattuso went off tangent a bit. First he states that OFI is not Real Madrid or Barcelona, before saying that he wants his “players to play with balls, with heart…” Watch the video above in all its glory to try and make sense of what Gattuso has to say.  And don’t worry, folks. Gattuso “no leave” OFI anytime soon.

[via World Soccer]