Recently, Floyd Mayweather appeared on The Vegas Take on Fox Sports 670 and—surprise, surprise—his feud with 50 Cent who made, as you may have heard, challenged him to read one page of a Harry Potter in exchange for $750,000 to a charity of his choice, was a topic of discussion. At this point, it may be safe to assume that Floyd will not be taking him up on that reading challenge. And it was never more clear than in this interview where Mayweather said that his "beef is with boxers. I stay in my lane." 

In another interesting moment in their interview came when Mayweather was asked about 50 and Manny Pacquiao calling him "uneducated" to which the boxer responded by saying that if it was true, "it makes my story that much more interesting." That's a...for lack of a better term...interesting way of looking at it. Take a listen to the audio below. 

[via TMZ]