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Floyd Mayweather is a guy who is not afraid to take some chances when it comes to his footwear. Remember the time he pulled out this pair of boots while attending a bunch of Mayweather Promotions fights? Ugh. But he really outdid himself yesterday when he put on a pair of purple boots in Paris that had a lot of people feeling some type of way. There were a ton of people who made comparisons between him and Mary J. Blige (SMFH x LMAO)—and a ton of others who couldn't help but wonder what Money Mayweather was thinking when he stepped out of his hotel.

As a result, there was no shortage of reaction to the purple boots on Twitter last night. And that reaction is continuing today as more people see the photo above of Mayweather. Just check out some of the Twitter reactions that we've seen over the course of the last 24 hours. The champ clearly has some explaining to do…