Yesterday morning, there were quite a few angry Eagles fans who decided to burn their old DeSean Jackson jerseys outside of Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia before their team's game against Jackson's new team, the Redskins. As you can see in the photo above, they torched them and then let them go up in flames until there was nothing left of them. But one pair of angry Eagles fans also decided to take things a step further.

According to Crossing Broad, a pair of Eagles fans decided not to burn their Jackson jerseys after a police horse handled its business near where they were tailgating. Instead of burning them, they decided to, well, just read the email they wrote to CB for a full description:

"We were planning on burning our desean jerseys as many did, when the mounted police left us a nice treat…a big ole horse shit! We flipped the dung on top of the desean jerseys and people were driving over the jerseys it was great! one guy in a huge truck ran it over then backed up to run it over again, then spun out on the jerseys. it was awesome until we realized horse shit was flying everywhere! Fuck desean."

Here's a photo of what the jerseys looked like (WARNING: DO NOT LOOK IF YOU'RE EATING LUNCH!):

In hindsight, simply burning the jerseys probably would have gotten the fans' point across and been a lot less messy. But hey, this worked, too!

What will pissed-off NFL fans think up next?

[via Crossing Broad]