A month ago, Dwight Howard got his driver's license suspended in Florida for running a red light, his 10th such infraction in a little over two years (note: he ran nine in 2012 alone). Odds are he doesn't give a shit, since he now plays in Houston. But it should give Texas drivers pause before pulling out into intersections and easing into a left turn when the light switches from yellow to red, because clearly Dwight doesn't give a shit about traffic lights either.

The license was also revoked due to an overdue fine that he hasn't paid. That's because Dwight doesn't seem to give a shit about other traffic laws. He has a dozen citations for not paying tolls, four speeding tickets, and also failed to change his address on his Florida license (it happens). Just know if you look in your rearview mirror and see this you'd better be ready to keep it moving or risk getting your trunk caved in.

If Dwight wants to get his license back he'd need to pay a $285 fine.

[via Fox Sports]