If you're like us, you probably spent all day Sunday parked in front of your TV watching NFL games. But as we told you last night, the Yankees held Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium yesterday and it was a pretty special day for Derek Jeter. Michael Jordan and Cal Ripken Jr. showed up to honor him. The Yankees gave him a 10-day trip to Italy and a massage chair as a gift. And thousands of people who attended the Royals/Yankees game gave him one standing ovation after another.

But that wasn't the only cool thing concerning Jeter that happened yesterday. After the game ended, the Yankees shortstop also sat in front of a bunch of reporters and held a press conference. And during that press conference, one reporter's phone rang. Jeter's response? He actually answered the phone and said, "She'll have to call you back, buddy," and then kept it moving.

Isn't that Jeter in a nutshell? Even with everything else that was going on yesterday, he was still just as cool, calm, and collected as ever when his press conference was interrupted. The Yankees are going to miss this guy next season.

[via MLB]