The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, bringing their record to 2-2. However, the heat currently on Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh has not let up from within his own locker room. According to former San Francisco cornerback Deion Sanders, the Niners locker room still isn't in full support of their fiery head coach, despite yesterday's victory:

They want him out. They’re not on the same page. I really want to know if they’re really playing for the head coach. I got a question with that. Are you really down with your head coach, San Francisco 49ers? Because the way it looks and what I’m hearing, you’re really not down for your head coach. And that’s a problem. They really got some problems that we hear rumblings. We all know people inside locker rooms.

Sanders appears to be saying he has heard dissatisfaction with Harbaugh directly from the mouths of San Francisco players. The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport offered specifics on the situation while speaking about the Niners on Sunday morning:

Some of the complaints include the fact that he kind of treats them like children. In fact, on planes, I'm told, they're not allowed to play music, they're not allowed to play cards. Small things, but these are the things that really can rankle players, even though the veterans do get to sit in first class.

If San Francisco fails to make the playoffs this season, it doesn't appear likely Harbaugh will survive. According to multiple reports, Harbaugh was nearly traded to the Cleveland Browns over the offseason, even though he had taken the team to its third straight NFC Championship Game. If times were bad when the team was winning, it's hard to believe the situation will improve if San Francisco declines. 

[via SB Nation]

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