Sunday's game between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers was marred by a pair of stadium brawls that went viralBut, from the drunken haymakers and needless blood shed, a hero was born. 

A fan wearing a Darnell Dockett jersey can bee seen trying to help a security guard who was being choked out. He tries to pull a fan's hand off of the guard's throat. Then, when that fails, the jersey-adorned sheriff of the bleachers throws a few hard rights.

In the event's aftermath, Dockett reached via Twitter to identify the stadium's vigilante. The Cardinals defensive end later hooked the fan up with a Pro Bowl jersey during a surprise meeting on "The Sam Acho Show." Finally, some good news coming out of the NFL, albeit involving inebriated fans and clumsy punches. 

[via Bleacher Report]