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Remember college? Y'know, that time of your life when you were essentially living in a giant bubble, trying to assert yourself in the world without actually being in the real world? Well, during that time, we all do some pretty stupid things. We drink too much, we skip class, we spend money we don't actually have, etc. 

Sometimes, in our least thoughtful moments, we decide to take our shirt off during a school-wide dunk contest in a transparent attempt to flex, and then hit our face on the hardwood. That is precisely what happened to this student from Morehead State when he tried to impress his classmates in a recent competition at the school, sling-shotting himself off the rim after running bare-chested to the hoop, and then spiraling down directly onto the floor. There isn't too much shock or awe that accompanies the fail. His classmates mostly laugh. That's a little thing they call, "adding insult to injury". 

Undoubtedly, the situation would've been less funny if he hadn't opted to take off his shirt as a part of the dunk. Honestly, dude, was it really necessary? Did it really add any degree of difficulty to the actual attempt? Respect for grabbing the rim, but you may want to re-evaluate your strategy the next time you decide to try out another move like this.

How awkward is it going to be the next time someone recognizes him at a party? We wish him the best of luck sorting that one out. 

[via Barstool]