Originally tonight's ill-timed Thursday Night match-up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens was going to feature "Run This Town" in some sort of pregame segment. Instead, the Ray Rice fiasco took over the league this week and (in the process) will now cost Rihanna a royalty check. That's because CBS Sports has opted to pull the 2009 hit because of a tenuous link between the disgraced running back and Rihanna. As you already know, Rihanna had a run-in with domestic violence and nobody wants this Ray Rice shit-storm to get any worse. So, CBS Sports has decided to just play it safe.

Not that anybody gives a crap about a pregame show, but the replacement will feature a half-hour Ray Rice story and an interview with the Ravens owner. Sounds like CBS thought of the only thing worse than an overhyped preview of the game you're about to watch anyway and just ran with it.


According to a CNN report, Rihanna will be featured in next week's Thursday Night Football broadcast. A spokesman for the NFL Network told CNN that, while "Run This Town" was removed from this week's broadcast, it won't be scrapped from Thursday Night Football altogether.

[via Pro Football Talk]