Did LeBron James decide to make his triumphant return to the Cavaliers this summer because of the way that Carmelo Anthony was treated when he joined the Knicks back in 2011? Carmelo sure seems to think so.

During a recent Q&A that the Knicks superstar did with Michael Strahan for Adweek, he revealed that he believes LeBron went back to Cleveland this summer after spending four seasons with the Heat because he wanted to have what Carmelo has in New York City.

"Watching LeBron go back to Cleveland, did that affect your decision on staying in New York, and did you learn anything from watching LeBron go back home?" Strahan asked Carmelo.

"No," Carmelo said. "Honestly, I think it was the other way around. I think he saw when I came back home to New York [in 2011] and saw the response and saw how at peace I was when I came back home…I'm pretty sure he looked at that moment and saw that that was a very special moment, and he had the opportunity to go back home himself and regain that love."

During the Q&A, which you can read here, Carmelo and the former Giants great also talk about Melo's ridiculous sneaker collection, fatherhood, and a bunch of other topics.

Do you think Carmelo is the reason LeBron is back in Cleveland right now?

[via Pro Basketball Talk]