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Before social media, many consumers probably felt their grievances fell upon deaf ears. Now all you got to do is snap a pic and there's always a chance it goes viral. That looks like the case with a couple of Washington Redskins fans who posted pictures of their beers (allegedly sold at FedExField concession stands) which had promotional displays for the 2014 World Cup.

The brews also appeared to be well past their freshness dates (which can be seen here) which could be a PR disaster for the Redskins if they happened to give any sort of a shit about PR.

Nevertheless, Budweiser has taken the issue "seriously" with their Vice President of Brewing and Supply saying "We are working closely with the wholesaler and retailer regarding this instance." No word yet on a potential peace offering from team owner Dan Snyder, though this is the type of thing that could piss off the loyal only fan base that has consistently defended him over the past couple of years.

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