You'd think because these guys get paid exponentially more than the average man that nights like Thursday wouldn't exist. But they do, and last night it happened to the Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers' beatdown at the hands of the Falcons was the equivalent of the Torture skit from Wu-Tang's debut. Matt Ryan and the boys kept feeding them, and feeding them, and feeding them straight from the first quarter. The Buccaneers got clapped up, hoodwinked, decimated the first half. And the Falcons still kept the blows coming until it finally ended in a lopsided 56-14 score.

It was ugly. And when you're asked today during some mundane office conversation if you saw the game–save your breath. Don't strain your vocal chords. Instead email these Movie and Television GIFs That Demonstrate How Badly the Falcons Washed the Buccaneers.

There are plenty. What happened to the Bucs is equivalent to...