Yesterday, Coritiba defeated Sao Paulo, 3-1, when they clashed in Brazil’s Serie A. Coritiba forward Joel contributed to the win by scoring two goals for the home side, the second of which prompted what should’ve been a pretty standard celebration with the supporters at the Estadio Couto Pereira. Only, when Joel leapt over the advertising boards after scoring his brace, he never really landed.

As you can see in the video above, Joel scores a neat finish after rounding the Sao Paulo keeper, and when he jumps over the boards he seems to disappear into thin air. Like, wtf, where did this dude go? What had happened was, there are stairs at the Couto Pereira that lead to the dressing rooms underneath the pitch. Unfortunately for Joel, someone decided to cover up those stairs with a huge team flag, which is why he didn’t see the giant pit he was about to jump into. Joel was visibly, and understandably, shaken after emerging from the abyss, and to make matters worse, fam got a yellow card for excessive celebration.

[via Screamer]