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Despite what you might think about the suspension itself, it sounds like ESPN put a decent amount of thought into their decision before telling Bill Simmons that he was going to be suspended for three weeks for what he said about Roger Goodell during a recent The B.S. Report podcast. Sports Business Journal just took an inside look at exactly how ESPN responded to Simmons' podcast—from how they dealt with reporters who asked about it initially to how they went about telling Simmons that he was going to be suspended for three weeks. And it's clear that they felt a suspension was warranted. But SBJ reporter John Ourand also revealed one other interesting tidbit about Simmons' suspension—that it's an unpaid suspension. So in addition to losing his ability to write for Grantland or put together podcasts for ESPN over the course of the next three weeks, Simmons also won't be getting paid during his time away from the The Worldwide Leader in Sports.

You can check out SBJ's entire account of the situation involving Simmons here. It'll give you a great behind-the-scenes look at why ESPN felt they needed to suspend Simmons for three weeks, even if you don't necessarily agree with it.

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