As an avid sports fan, I've given this question a bit of thought: If I could somehow be engineered into a superstar professional athlete, what sport would I want to pursue? The NBA and NFL require unnaturally large bodies that'll age unkindly, plus those leagues are salary capped, so that's out of the question. MLB is boring. I prefer having great teeth and healthy facial bones, so hockey is a no-go. I'd have to go with soccer. Soccer players are generally tall, but not too tall, extremely fit, and in Europe their salaries know no limit. 

Being a superstar European soccer player is really the pinnacle of a hedonistic human existence: While you're still young and sexually supercharged, you're rich, famous, and in amazing shape. If your ego is so inclined, to properly look the part of a wealthy guy who commands respect and power, you're going to want to dress damned well. There's no excuse to not seize your demigod status within pop culture. While some players around the English Premier League let their clothes enhance their overall image, others need help with basic layering. From Didier Drogba's Eurotrash fits to Daniel Sturridge's portraits of a young hypebeast, this is How Your Favorite EPL Footballers Actually Dress.