With August officially in the books, it's that fun time of the year for a sports fan. College football and the English Premier League are just underway, the NFL is right around the corner and the beginning of the NBA season isn't too far away either. This moment is the ultimate payoff for those last couple of months where we experienced pain and frustration whenever we were forced to check out games from yesteryear for the fourth time or struggle through watching a sport we could care less about. Yes, it got that bad

But no more dwelling in the past because in only a matter of days, college football has made up for lost time with some incredible runs, amazing catches and interceptions, and some all-around great plays, especially that one touchdown dash by that guy...what's his name...Jameis? Jameis Winston. You may have heard of him. Then, of course, we have been lucky enough to see some of the best talent in the NBA from the United States join forces to compete in the 2014 FIBA World Cup. But, when it comes to FIBA, nothing may be as exhilarating as witnessing Derrick Rose showing signs of his old self on the competitive stage once again.

Okay, the sports dry spell wasn't all that bad. But hey, the rough times are in the rearview window now. So, before we begin looking forward, let's glance back at everything that went down last month in GIF Gallery: The Best and Worst of Sports in August