Now you can sip bubbly while your driver drag races at every stop light.

If this hyper-rich activity sounds like tantalizing fun, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed might just be the car for you. The British manufacturer took it's flagship luxury sedan and re-enginered the twin-turbo 6.75L V8 the base Mulsanne has. The new engine features a redesigned combustion chamber, different inlet ports, new fuel injectors, new spark plugs, and a better compression ratio. The Brits' genius stretched the power to an absolutely maniacal 811 lb-ft of torque and 530bhp. That equates to a 190mph top speed and a 0-60 jump off the line in 4.8 seconds. This from a car that weighs around 6,000 pounds. 

With the new power ironically comes better gas mileage. Bentley says the recalibrated engine and gearbox will give drivers 13 percent better efficiency, if driven accordingly. Though, with that type of power, we doubt people are going to be worrying about that too much. The new punch comes equipped with the expected ultra-luxe environment that Bentley has become known for, so don't worry about any sacrifice in that area. The car will first debut in October at the Paris Motor Show and will be first available to customers in early winter.