There's always going to be a debate about the line between acceptable childhood physical punishment, child abuse, or if any form of physical punishment is acceptable at all. For many families, a few beatings are normal when raising a child. Your ass being grassed when your 10-year-old self got out of line was part of growing up. This writer took a few leather belts to the behind in his day, but he turned out fine. Or so he'd like to think, at least.

But even those who have no problem with such punishment agree there's a line to be drawn. For example, beating a toddler because of a hard day at work is definitely crossing the line. Adrian Peterson probably crossed the line, too, when he hit his 4-year-old son with a branch. The kid reportedly pushed one of Peterson's children off a motorbike video game. That's bad, but does it really justify these marks?

Peterson hit him hard enough for skin to peel. Plus, look how huge Peterson is. It's terrifying to think about even a grown man getting hit by him. 

Regardless, the facts are that Peterson has been indicted and he isn't playing this Sunday. But how far in the wrong is Peterson if he was in the wrong at all? Twitter speaks...