Spoiler alert: It's only September, but we're pretty sure that Adrian Peterson is not going to win any "Parent of the Year" awards at the end of 2014. He got arrested recently on child abuse-related charges in Texas and his parenting skills have been called into question over the course of the last week or so because of what he reportedly did to his 4-year-old son earlier this year.

But back in 2012, the Vikings running back thought pretty highly of himself when it came to parenting. So during an interview with Yahoo!'s Graham Bensinger, he gave himself an "A+" when he was asked to grade himself as a parent. And he also said that he was trying to raise his children differently than his parents raised him.

"I feel like I just have to teach [my kids] the ropes along the way and stay on them and really be disciplined," he said, "not to the point where they're hating you when they're older, like my dad did and my mom did growing up. There were times I would look at them with the evil eye and was like, 'I hate you, you get on my nerves.' I never said that to them personally, but those thoughts went through my head."

Watch a short clip from the interview above. Something tells us that that "A+" got knocked down a few letter grades because of what happened recently.

[via NESN]