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We take you now to Bedford, MI, a civil township on the border of Michigan and Ohio that recently played host to a hilarious high school prank. Grogan's Towne Field, the local playing surface for the Bedford HS Kicking Mules, was vandalized by a high school girl, her boyfriend, and—amazingly—her mom, who wanted to help them. What exactly was the extent of the damages? The three culprits poured a grass-killing agent onto the field to carve out the shape of a giant penis overnight. The Twitter account for Fox 5 DC provided a similar image to give you an idea of what this vandalism may have looked like.

Wow. Hahahahahaha.

The local sheriff's office is seeking out warrants for the two teenagers and the mother. The authorities are also still weighing in on what charges should be filed against the trio. You can see more reactions from local townspeople in the video above. Unfortunately, not everyone in the town thinks it's so funny. 

And they're right, you guys. This is a very serious matter. There is absolutely nothing funny about a mom helping her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend carve out a giant dick into a football field in the middle of the night. Nope. Nothing funny about that at all. 


An earlier version of this article stated that Fox 5 DC's image was a picture of Bedford, MI's football field. The error has been corrected. 

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