Date: 9/11/1995
Location: Soldier Field, Chicago
Teams involved: Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers

Watching Packers kicker Chris Jacke ready himself for an extra point attempt, Chicago Bears fan Mike Pantazis already had two feet on the wall between the stands and the field by the time Jacke was setting up for the kick. Then, as the ball sails through the uprights, we witness the greatest feat of athleticism ever displayed on a PAT: Pantazis jumping from the stands and making a catch in midair above the player's entrance. It has to be one of the best snags in Bears history.

The act got the attention of play-by-play announcers John Madden and Al Michaels, who called it, "a classic". Since the event, Pantazis has even inspired a six-minute-long mini-documentary titled Off Into Space. The tail-end of 1995 must’ve been a pretty good four months for Pantazis.