Date: October 1986-April 1998
Location: The Capital Centre, Washington D.C.
Teams involved: Washington Bullets, opposing NBA teams

Armed with a megaphone and a unique talent for heckling, Washington Bullets super fan Robin Ficker made a name for himself in the NBA as a factor against visiting teams. Ficker held season tickets to Bullets games for twelve years, seating him directly behind the opposing team’s bench, and putting players and coaches within earshot of his creative taunts and jeers.

Whether it involved making fun of a player’s hair or a coach’s outfit, Ficker was game. He’d even read the sex passages in Phil Jackson’s autobiography Maverick whenever the Bulls came to town. His prowess in the stands was so well recognized that Charles Barkley flew him to Phoenix to give the Suns an edge against the Chicago Bulls during the 1993 NBA Finals. Ficker chose not to renew his season tickets after the Bullets relocated to the MCI Center in 1997, as he would be seated too far from the visitor’s bench. He can now be found displaying his talents at wrestling matches at the University of Maryland.