It's an exciting time to be a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Even though the Timberwolves lost an established and skilled player in Kevin Love, they have received two talented athletes in Andrew Wiggins and a newly focused Anthony Bennett to go along with Thaddeus Young. And don't forget about their 2014 first-rounder Zach LaVine. With that in mind, it probably makes a lot of sense why T'Wolves fans are purchasing tickets for the team's upcoming season in record numbers. Here's what Nick Halter of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal had to say about the franchise's recent increase in sales. 

In the five days following the official announcement of the Kevin Love-Andrew Wiggins trade, the Timberwolves said they have sold 300 new full-season-ticket packages. That's on top of 200 new packages in the 30 days leading up to the trade, when most fans knew Wiggins would be the centerpiece of the deal.

The last week was the busiest for season ticket sales for the Wolves in three years.

Because management had a 30-day head-start, it was able to plan a media blitz to introduce the new players that included Sunday newspaper ads, a State Fair tour and a website takeover.

The Timberwolves had a base of 7,400 season tickets last season. After losing 20 percent of the packages, the level has rebounded to 6,800.

[via Eye On Basketball]