If you've been following LeBron James' career over the course of the last few seasons—and in particular, this past season—then you've no doubt heard Rich Paul's name come up in conversations concerning the NBA superstar. Paul, who founded the Klutch Sports Group in 2012, is only 33. But he currently serves as LBJ's agent and played a big part in LeBron deciding to return to Cleveland this summer to play for the Cavaliers again.

Who is Rich Paul, though? That's the question that the New York Times just tried to answer by putting together a profile on LeBron's right-hand man. And they succeeded in answering that question by explaining how LeBron and Rich met, investigating the origin of their working relationship, and talking to Rich about LeBron's decision to return to the Cavs. Here are the 7 Things We Learned From the New York Times' Profile on LeBron James' Agent Rich Paul.