Today is Kobe Bryant’s 36th birthday, and as often happens on such milestone occasions it’s a good exercise to take a look at the breadth of his entire career and everything he has accomplished. He is universally regarded as one of the 10 best players in the history of the NBA, with many (looking at you, Brandon Jennings) believing he is the single greatest basketball player ever to walk the earth.

And given everything he’s accomplished, a compelling case can certainly be made.

With 18 seasons, five championships, 16 All-Star selections, and an MVP to his credit, there is nothing left for Bryant to accomplish other than perhaps the all-time scoring record. However, that amazing level of success doesn’t mean that there haven’t been a few bumps along the way. In any career, a player is going to have some bad games on the court and some slip-ups off the court.

While Kobe’s successes have far outweighed his failures, even the Black Mamba has botched a few dunks, gotten in a few fights, and said some questionable things. To roast a man who is justifiably revered most of the time, we’re looking at the 24 Biggest Fails of Kobe Bryant's Career.

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