Prior to this summer's World Cup, we had no idea that Rihanna was such a big soccer fan. But all throughout the group stage of the World Cup and right up through the World Cup Final, Rih-Rih was constantly talking about her love for soccer—and specifically, her love for Germany's World Cup team—and even got the chance to party with Germany after their win against Argentina. But does she love soccer so much that she wants to play a large part in it as the owner of a team?

Reportedly, yes. Last week, the Daily Mail reported that the singer was interested in building a soccer academy in her native country of Barbados and buying a stake in a team in Europe. And now, Mundo Deportivo is reporting that Rihanna is actually interested in trying to buy a piece of Liverpool FC. Rihanna herself hasn't commented on her interest in buying a team yet. But she has reportedly asked her friend Didier Drogba for some advice about possibly buying a team in the near future.

The problem is that, to the best of our knowledge, Liverpool FC isn't for sale. It's currently owned by the Fenway Sports Group (LeBron James is a part owner of the team). And even if the club was for sale, it's unlikely that Rihanna would have the cash on hand to pay for it. But the one thing that we took out of both the Daily Mail report and the Mundo Deportivo report is that we probably haven't seen the last of Rihanna showing off her intense love for soccer. And that might just result in her owning part of a team sooner than later.

Stay tuned.

[via Mundo Deportivo]