Alexi Lalas’s career would make any athlete jealous. After taking the world by storm during the 1994 World Cup, he was named U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year in ’95. He kept his success streak rolling as a player in the MLS, becoming a seminal member of franchises like the New England Revolution and the LA Galaxy. Though he’s retired from playing, he’s never left the game, and after serving as President and GM for several MLS clubs, he now works as a soccer analyst with ESPN and ABC Sports—something that anyone who watched this year’s World Cup is already well aware of. Oh, and he was also elected to the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2006. Not too shabby there, fella.

Along the way, Alexi may have lost his once trademark long hair and bushy red beard, but he hasn’t lost his edge, nor his ethos of casual style. Complex recently caught up with Lalas in Portland, Oregon—a town that itself has both edge and casual style. Lalas has an affinity for this quirky little city, mainly because the people there don’t take themselves too seriously. While hanging with him, we got to see firsthand how he maintains a “roll-out-of-bed style,” even while on the road. And while the next time you see Alexi on TV, he’ll probably be sporting a shirt and tie, rest assured that, below that table, there’s a classic pair of Levi’s®.

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