Los Angeles Lakers guard Jeremy Lin takes no prisoners. In an Instagram video posted to Lin's account just two hours ago, the NBA athlete went Lin-sane on his entire family as a part of his on-going "Fan Appreciation Week" series. Said Lin:

Day 3 of Fan Appreciation Week! Who can come up with the best #JLinDunkCam video?!? All submissions will be judged on creativity, execution and post-dunk celebration lol. You MUST use #JLinDunkCam so we can find the video and post by midnight pst today. PLEASE be safe! My video will give you guys a few ideas (no need to use a real mini-bball/hoop...all props work too) #JLinDunkCam #sorrymom #takenoprisoners

There you have it. Enter your submissions in with the proper hashtag, and you could be a winner in Lin's impromptu Instagram competition. Still, however, it will be hard to top the example Lin has set with his video. This is maybe the only time anyone could ever call Lin "ruthless". 

Of course, Lin will have much taller tasks to deal with next season when he's on-court for the Lakers. The fans in Los Angeles better hope that he can posterize bigger opponents than his own mother. 

[via @jlin7]