There are a lot of perks that come along with being an NBA player. For example, you get a lot of money for playing pro basketball. You also get a lot of free stuff, like sneakers, clothing, and video games. And of course, maybe the biggest perk of all is that when you get married, you can afford to have Sir Mix-A-Lot come to your wedding to perform "Baby Got Back."

Er, okay. So maybe that last perk isn't one that many NBA players actually take advantage of. We're not 100 percent sure, but we don't think that LeBron James had Mix-A-Lot at his wedding last year. Jamal Crawford did invite the rapper to perform "Baby Got Back" at his wedding on Saturday night, though. And it looks like it was a lot of fun:

"Baby Got Back" doesn't seem like the kind of song that you'd want to bump at your wedding. But Crawford is from Seattle and it seems he wanted to have a Seattle artist in the house at his reception. And since Macklemore is a little bit too expensive these days, Sir Mix-A-Lot was the perfect man for the job.

[via Jocks and Stiletto Jill]

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