Watching your favorite sports stars hang it up is tough enough, but watching them suffer adverse health effects post-retirement is even tougher. If you're a wrestling fan, you've seen your fair share of ex-stars struggle after their careers are over. WWE Hall of Famer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts has had his own battles with general fitness after leaving the squared circle, but by several accounts was getting back into shape.

Unfortunately he bumped into a major hurdle (understatement) Wednesday night when he began to feel sick on a cross-country flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas. This occurred after he had "been in pain for the past two weeks," according to wrestler Sinn Bodhi. After landing he was given an immediate transport to a Las Vegas ICU where he's been "in and out of consciousness" (some reports say he was in a coma for 24 hours) and doctors diagnosed him with a "double pneumonia." If you've ever had a pneumonia you know how bad it is, but a double? Obviously that sounds twice as terrible. 

We know this goes without saying but here's hoping the snake "bites back" with a big-time recovery.

[via TMZ]