I've been to Green Bay for Packers games before, but I've never been on a press trip. For you non-media readers who don't know, press trips are basically all-expenses-paid workcations for #influential (lol, not really) writers. They're usually sponsored by some company who wants you to write nice things about whatever product, cause, or—in this case—city, they represent. For a whole week I was housed by the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitor's Bureau, who hired a PR firm named Geiger & Associates to show us around. Can't thank them enough for giving me the experience. Given that I've never spent more than a weekend anywhere in Middle America (tri-state area or die, yo), this was a culture-shock of a trip.

Conveniently, I'm also huge Packers fan, so having the city of Green Bay pay for a week-long trip out there was a minor dream come true. Before you dig into my press trip diary, know this: There's a lot more going on in Green Bay than just the Packers. While the entire local economy is dependent upon the Packers to flourish (and some locals are figuring out cool ways to make money off what the Packers bring to the table), there are plenty of sites and attractions around town to peep. They have a dope zoo, killer restaurants, a beautiful botanical garden, and everyone is so friendly and hospitable that it hurts to be back in New York. If you enjoy doing new things, drinking lots of quality craft beer, and eating your weight in cheese, then I implore you to take a trip up to Green Bay. But before that, get some travel tips from The Life of a Sports #Influencer: A Week in Titletown, USA.