Last weekend, thanks to BACARDI, the Entertainers Basketball Classic a.k.a. the EBC held their first ever South Beach Invitational, bringing the Rucker Park experience from a corner in Harlem to oceanfront Miami. It was a three-day event featuring celebrity coaches, NBA talent, musical performances, food, sun, and lots of (responsible) partying at some of South Beach's best clubs by media and players alike. 

I was one of those partying media members.

In the blur that was the South Beach Invitational, we learned everything from what rappers give the best pre-game speeches to what makes a great mojito. We spoke to Pusha T about his love of tennis, ducked French Montana's bodyguard, got a private BACARDI drink lesson from one of their mixologists, and—oh yeah—also saw some great basketball. With so much packed into one weekend, the only way to present this information in full is with a list. With that, I present 20 Important Lessons You Might've Learned Had You Gone To Miami for BACARDI's EBC South Beach Invitational.

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