It's become increasingly rare for a day to go by without an athlete getting arrested. From drug busts to domestic violence incidents, it seems like a different athlete is getting taken to jail every time we turn around. So when we sat down to create a list of the dumbest crimes ever committed by athletes, it turned out to be a challenge. Because truthfully, this list could have had hundreds, if not thousands, of athletes on it.

In an effort to trim it down, we had to be selective and only include the dumbest of the dumb sports criminals. So on this list, you'll find a guy who accidentally shot himself in the leg and then went to prison for two years for doing it (you know who we're talking about, right?), a guy who got caught not once but twice for impersonating a police officer with an honorary badge, and a guy who thought it would be a good idea to take a dump in the closet of a college dorm room. These are truly The Dumbest Crimes in Sports History. What were these athletes thinking?!