A month ago, it was unclear whether or not Doc Rivers would be with the Clippers next season. There was a small chance that Donald Sterling was still going to be the Clippers owner heading into the season, and Rivers was reportedly thinking about leaving the team if that was the case. But now, he's reportedly going to be staying put for a long time thanks to a contract extension that he just received from new team owner Steve Ballmer.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Clippers just threw out Rivers' old contract—which was a three-year, $21 million deal with two years left on it—in favor of a five-year extension that is said to be worth more than $50 million. It'll keep him with the team through the 2018-19 NBA season.

$50 million is obviously a ton of money. But in light of everything that Rivers went through at the end of last season, he probably deserves it. He's now one of the faces of the franchise and appears to be building something pretty special with the Clips.

Stay tuned for additional details about the contract extension that Rivers just signed.

[via Yahoo! Sports]