Since the invention of Twitter, there have been no shortage of high-profile athletes embarrassing themselves on the 140-character social site. Can you blame them? With so many fans, sponsors, media members, and sexually adventurous side pieces out there all trying to pull them in different directions, it's a wonder how they don't get caught Twitter-slipping more often.

Direct Messaging makes their relative good behavior all the more impressive. With thousands of groupies only a quick DM away, you'd think there'd be a new screencap of lurid exchanges popping up on your timeline every few hours. Obviously that's not the case. Unbelievably, most athletes are well-behaved (or secretive) enough to keep themselves out of the internet headlines. 

But not all of them.

Sometimes a sports figure can't help but get caught slipping on Twitter. Sometimes a fan's troll game is too strong. Sometimes a team's front office is being too one-sided. Sometimes a player's just too anxious to find out if a fan is trying to get the pipe. These are the cases that make up our Compilation of Athletes Crashing and Burning into Your DMs.