On Saturday afternoon, the West Virginia football team is going to kick off their season by playing a tough game against No. 2-ranked Alabama. And they're probably going to get killed—absolutely destroyed—by Nick Saban & Co., especially after what WVU quarterback Clint Trickett decided to say about Saban's daughter yesterday.

During a meeting with some reporters on Tuesday, Trickett revealed that he knows the Saban family well. So well that his first kiss was actually with Saban's daughter Kristen.

"His daughter was my first kiss," he said, "back in the day. So yeah…I don't know if I should have said that. She's actually engaged now."

Trickett then went on to talk about how great Saban—the coach, not the daughter—is.

"Coach Nick is one of the greatest there is," he said. "My brother worked for him. He was a GA for him when he first got to Alabama. And we've known him for years, family friends and just one of the best coaches out there."

But the damage was already done.

You kissed Coach Saban's daughter, dude? Good for you. But that's probably not something you want to admit less than a week before you line up against Saban's Crimson Tide. Unless, of course, you're trying to get yourself killed, in which case…keep on talking about that first kiss!

[via College Football Talk]