Who's better—Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

It's a question that has been asked and debated over and over and over again in recent years. So it's not exactly a surprise to hear Brandon Jennings expressing an opinion on the subject. But it was a little bit surprising to see him take to Twitter last night and try to argue that Kobe is better than MJ because of the help that MJ had:

And it was even more surprising to see him send out this tweet earlier this afternoon after receiving a ton of negative feedback to his original tweets:

The negative feedback hasn't stopped, either. Since Jennings decided to chime in on the subject again today, Twitter has reacted accordingly. Just check out some of the craziest reactions that people have had to Jennings' tweet:


Jennings is, of course, entitled to his opinion, no matter how unpopular it may be. If he wants to call Kobe the G.O.A.T., then so be it. But we have to agree that it's pretty insane to say that Kobe is the best player of all time because he "won 2 rings without another great on his team." Isn't that right, Pau Gasol?

So is that really the best argument you've got, Brandon?


Brandon Jennings isn't going down without a fight! Even though people are continuing to shoot down his "Kobe is the G.O.A.T." argument, he's still sending out tweets trying to prove his point:

[via @BrandonJennings]