Peyton Manning doesn't have much of a future left in the NFL. At 38, it's safe to say that his best seasons are probably behind him and that he's going to retire within the next few years. But the good news for him is that he does have a future in the rap world. Seriously. Did you see the amazing "Fantasy Football Fantasy" song and video that he released with his brother Eli Manning yesterday? Pure brilliance.

Okay, okay, so we're obviously kidding (about Peyton's future in rap, not about the awesome song and video!). When Peyton eventually retires, the only thing he's going to do is sit back and count the checks that will continue to come in thanks to the 4,521,893 endorsement deals that he has. But if he ever did want to become a rapper, Twitter knows what Peyton's rap name should be.

Earlier this afternoon, @ESPNNFL started the hashtag #PeytonsRapName and asked people to suggest different names that Peyton should go with, should he decide to launch a real rap career. And before long, #PeytonsRapName was trending on Twitter. Scroll down to see 18 of our favorite #PeytonsRapName suggestions for No. 18.