In the first 47-plus minutes of an NBA game, there are plenty of players any fan, coach, or teammate would be comfortable shooting the ball. They’re professionals, after all. But there’s something that happens to many guys when the clock is winding down that turns even the best shooters into your classic rec-league brick layer. And while it’s true that some players are just as good in crunch time as any other point in the game, "just as good" doesn’t inspire much confidence when the game is on the line either.

A select few, however, actually elevate their game when their teams need it most. Whether in the regular season or the playoffs, these players are ready for the big moments and find a way to get their teams a hoop regardless of the circumstances. One of the greatest players ever in those situations was Robert Horry, who earned the nickname “Big Shot Rob” thanks to the amazing number of clutch shots he hit during his career.

In honor of Horry’s 44th birthday today, we’re looking at the guys you would most want holding the ball with time winding down. From all periods of league history, these are 20 NBA Players You Would Want to Take the Last Shot.

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